Information for participants of the two-day MTB score race for two-rider teams with a map – the Bike Adventure 2018

Date: 28. – 30. 9. 2019

Event centre: RS U Starého rybníka, Zbraslavice, GPS: 49.8239564N, 15.1933236E

Event area: Posázaví

Registration: In the BA18 info centre on Friday 28.9. (4:00 – 9:00 p.m.) and on Saturday 28.9. (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.).

List of items received at the registration:
• Sportident electronic chip (in case you don’t have your own – one chip per team)
• Two maps of the event area per team
• Start numbers
• List of all control points including their description

Start: For both days, the start (from the central area) is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. in the BA18 centre. The competitors will start in 10-minute intervals at the times written in the start list (the time in the start list is the time of the start itself), but competitors have to appear in the pre-start corridor at least 10 minutes earlier in order to clear and check their SI card. Don’t forget your map and an indelible felt-tip pen or wax pencil to mark the point values or connect the checkpoints. Having started, you enter the course and your time limit is running out. Your Sunday’s starting time is given according to you Saturday’s results – the best start at the end.

Finish: in the BA18 centre. Teams may arrive either abreast or one after the other with a minimum distance between the two from the last obligatory control nr. 100. Be aware that punching of the no.100 control takes a bit longer time than punching of the ordinary controls since this control is as well reading control for the purpose of a speaker in the finish area. On the finish line you punch the last SI control. The finish closes at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. After finish you have to go for a SI reading, only after that we know that you finished the race and we can add you to the results.
Time limit: 6 hours for the Saturday round, 4 hours for the Sunday round. If the racer is late to the start, he/she cannot claim an extension of the time limit.

Marking of control points:
• In map: purple circle
• In terrain: control points are marked with orange/white flag used at orienteering events. Controls are identified with a specific code number. To register at the control you need to insert the electronic chip into the opening in the SI electronic unit. Should the control be out of order (it does not beep or flash), use reserve pliers attached to the control post and punch the control into the map. Most controls shall be guided with referees who have the right to disqualify teams who do not follow the rules. In case a control gets stolen, make a picture of you at the site of the control and show it once in the finish. You may also write down your start number and time of your presence at the control site on a piece of paper marking the control site.

Control scores: controls are given points from 0 – 100. Scoring is usually different for the two days. Scores for the individual control points is distributed to the participants at the map start (marked on the map with a triangle). Mind that controls with 0 point values are not set in the terrain.

Race chip – Sport Ident: competitors use their own SI electronic chip or they borrow one at the registration (it needs to be returned after Stage 2). All teams receive one SI chip. SI chips shall be cleared in the start corridor, the data from the chip shall be read right after the finish of the race. There you receive a paper with listed control points visited during the race and your total score. There is a fine of 1200 czk in case the borrowed SI chip is lost.

Map: the race is organized on a hiking map in the scale of 1:50.000 from the production of (updated for the event, with special focus on areas close to controls) printed on regular paper. Please mind that the map is free of small details, it may not be totally perfect, especially in areas with rugged terrain. Small paths (dashed line) are not always 100% correctly drawn.

Rules and conditions
• All the participants are obliged to keep all the rules of the behaviour in the nature.
• Keep respect towards the other visitors of the competition area, especially walking tourists.
• There are natural reserve areas that are marked as a restricted areas, trespassing will be punished by disqualification.
• Each participant will receive a cycling map with printed checkpoints, SI chip and a list of all checkpoints at his/her registration.
• On the start day the point evaluation will be announced by the organizer – individual checkpoints have various point value. It depends on the couple what strategy they will choose to achieve as many points as possible in the given period of time.
• Start is in regular times with intervals of 10 minutes – it is therefore necessary to appear in the start-zone with a time reserve of 10 min at least so that the couple is ready for their start time (stated in the start list) in time. If a couple comes later, the participant will lose his/her minutes without return.
• For both days the last control punched have to be the control no. 100 and the competitors are obliged to finish the race via race corridor ending on the finish line with the finish control point.
• The participants mark passing of checkpoints in their SI chip. The athletes from one couple must stay during the race close to each other all the time. The checkpoints and finish line must be passed together. The motto of this race is: “two are more than just one”.
There is one exception, checkpoint nr. 53, where can just one of you climb and second can stay with bikes at the junction to ruin (about 50m from real checkpoint)
• The race limit is set and every minute more is penalized.
• Other people’s help is absolutely out of question. The participants using other people’s help (hitch-hiking) can be disqualified.
• The organizers take no responsibility for the health of participants, the technical condition of bike etc. The participants acknowledge by signing/entering the application form that they take part in the race at their own risk.
• The organizers ask the participants to respect the principals of behaviour in nature – not to throw away paper, not to leave packing behind, not to bike off roads, etc.
• Entire race is regulated according to the MTBO rules (Mountain Bike Orienteering). In case of any rules infraction (especially the ride in couple), all the points from the stage will be cancelled. The head referee has to judge in the controversial cases.

The main idea of the competition is the minimal contact with civilisation and maximal concordance with nature, independence of the comfort and help of other people.

Emergency mobile: +420 602 889 515

Required gear:
• Bike in good technical condition (the racers’ own responsibility);
MTB helmet – participants without one will not be admitted to the start;
• Starting number on the bike (on the handlebars).
• Scorecard – SI chip.

Recommended gear: Compass, map holder and “jo-jo” for SI card attachment on your bike (all 3 items can be purchased at event centre), basic bike repairing kit, refresment.

Final score: The final score is calculated as the sum of the points won on both days. Points are deducted as a penalty for late arrival: 2 points for each (even incomplete) minute when late 1 – 15 min. after the limit and 10 points for each minute when late 16 – 60 min after the limit. Arrival later than 60 minutes after the time limit means disqualification. If more than one team has the same sum of points, the lower aggregate time will be decisive. Your questions of results a main referee will reply at a finish point of competition.
Evaluation of the competition of company or clubs teams: the best three teams every day starting under the same Company or Club name are automatically categorized to the Bike Adventure Team Spirit. The following ratios are used for the conversion of points between the various categories: 1.3 times the sum of points won in the category of mixed teams and 1.4 times the sum of points won in the category of women’s teams (1.00 is the score for the men’s category).

Price giving ceremony: on Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at the meeting place winners of the first day of all categories, on Sunday at about 4:00 p. m. announcement of overall results. The following winning participants will be announced: the first three teams in all categories and the best three teams in the Bike
Adventure Team Spirit. After the price giving there will be ruffle of all starting numbers.

Accommodation: organizer provides the accommodation under your own tents or in the apartments or cottages in the camping area. Order and pay it latest during the presentation.

Parking: The owner of camp will toll 100Czk per weekend for parking

Washing of persons: Showers are located in the BA18 camp.

Washing (for bikes): At a marked place in the BA18 centre. Use buckets and brushes.

Drinking water: in the washing canals in the camp.

Garbage: plastic bags in the BA centre and campsite. Don’t leave any garbage in the forest.

Child Care: During the race you may leave your kids (older than 2 years) in the day care. There is a child program organised for them, the older kids can join walking trip.

Refreshments: During the event, there will be dining room open (food tickets you can buy at the reception) and grill with barbecue.
Dining room opening hours:
Saturday: 7:30 – 9:00 breakfast (needed to order on Friday)
15:00 – 20:00 (main courses)
Sunday: 7:30 – 9:00 breakfast (needed to order on Friday or Saturday till 10 a.m.)
13:00 – 16:00 (main course)

Night cycle-store: Will be available in BA18 centre. The bikes can be left there in the evening (on Friday from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. , on Saturday 5 till 7 p.m., and picked up on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. till 9:30 a.m., on Sunday from 8:30 till 9:30 a.m.). The storage is free for the people accommodated at the BA campsite.

Accompanying Programme BA18:
MTBO on Friday afternoon
• Price giving ceremony for Saturday’s race,
• Photo projection from Saturday’s race,
• Analysis of winners tracks,
• Party with music

Health services: at the finish area (child care area).

Map of the coming road:

Maps of centre and campsite:

Acknowledgements: We owe our thanks to all sponsors for their support, to Nature for the beautiful terrain; and to all of you for your interest in Bike Adventure.
Good luck finding your way!
The organisers of USK Praha