Superior Bike Adventure 2016

The 16th score MTB race of couples


The race the mountain bike was invented for

Two-day-points race of couples on mountain bikes with a map takes place in Podkrkonosi – at the Luzany, close to Jicin, North-East Bohemia.

The race fits for everybody, starting with holiday bikers to experienced racers where everybody can choose his/her way according to his/her ideas and facilities. The couple passes whole race together and so the team cooperation and good coordination are of a great importance too. Moreover a pair-race brings new experience, sharing of crises and joy of success.

Before the start, each team receives a map with checkpoints and at the start they receive their point-classification. The aim is to collect as many points as possible passing the checkpoints in the given period of time. Free-order orienteering is more interesting and adventurous than classical MTB marathon races, as it doesn’t depend on your cycling style and qualities only, but also on your sense of direction in the landscape and chosen tactics.

Because mountainbiking is getting more and more popular among families with kids, we have prepared again a category BA Family. In this category teams can be made by 2-4 members, but at least one of them must be under 15 (but riding his/her bike by him/herself) and one over 18.
BA Challenge – a special race for the most adventure and romantic people is part of BA also this year. The idea is the same like in the main Bike Adventure race – but competitors don’t get back to the central base camp for the night, they carry all the necessary equipment by themselves and sleep over in the given place somewhere in the forest. So competitors have to depend just on themselves. Finally, they are awarded for their performance with a stronger and more romantic experience. This year there is a slight change in this category because we joined men and women together. And we will announce the six best couples within this category regardless of sexes. So there will be even bigger chance for women to show their strength over men 


University Sporting Club Prague, Club of Orienteering

Date of event:

16. – 17. 7. 2016

Center of the event

Autokemp Lužany, next to Jičín, 50.4419200N, 15.4765953E


Register in the on-line registration form at
The number of participants is limited up to 1000 people limit for Superior Bike Adventure and 200 people for BA Challenge.
You can up-date your data in the registration database yourselves until 4th July, than we close the database. Eventual later changes in your inscription address to (manipulation fee = 50 CZK). Order of BA T-shirts is possible only till 15th June.
Track the registration status on
The start is open only for people aged 18 and more. For younger than 18, only with parental consent.


1 000 CZK (for 2 days and 2 people in team) for Superior Bike Adventure (including starting fee, showers and another service in the event center, parking fee) if you apply till 4th July, after or at location it´s 1 500 CZK.
1 200 CZK (for 2 days and 2 people in team) for BA Challenge (including the same as at Superior Bike Adventure plus accommodation during the race) if you apply till 4th July, after or at location it´s 1 500 CZK.
Nr. of account 670100-2201368476/6210 (mBank)
Variable symbol is generated automatically by the registration system.
Constant symbol is 558.
In case, you will not participate, the entry fee is not turned back. You may cancel your registration by e-mail on before 4.7. 2016 (cancellation fee = 100 CZK)

Sport Ident

The electronic system SportIdent will be used to measure and record your track. Take your SI chip with you if you have any – and input its number in the entry form. There will be the possibility to rent SI on place for 80 CZK. One SI chip is needed for every couple.


Organizer ensures the camp in the center of the event for 100 CZK/1 person and night (in your tent). Regarding the fact the center is located in a standard campsite; the camp will be equipped with regular bathrooms, hot water shower (20 CZK fee) and water for drinking. There are a few cabins available for rent (4 person, no sheeting) for 500 CZK per night/cabin. As usual there will be a safe, guarded night bike deposit.
BA Challenge have their basic campsite equipped with mobile WC and drinkable water, price is included in a starting fee. For Friday night accommodation, BA Challenge competitors can use BA16 campsite (needed to be ordered and paid extra within on-line registration).


According to the organizers’ rules in the competition center.

Presentation for the event

Friday 15th July in the center of the event – from 18,00 – 22,00
Saturday 16th July in the center of the event – from 8,00 – 8,30


Interval start, no risk of traffic jams. First bikers start at 9,00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Courses – time limits

The same for all categories
1st day 6 hours (Saturday)
2nd day 4 hours (Sunday)


Tourist map 1:50 000. The special print will be edited for the event. Subscribed participants will receive the map from organizer on place.


I. Superior Bike Adventure

1. Super prestige (men couples)
• MM
• MM+ over 80 years (minimum age of competitors is 35 years, 1980 and older)

2. Ladies (women couples)
• DD
• DD+ over 80 years (minimum age of competitors is 35 years, 1980 and older)

3. Mix (mixed couples)
• MD
• MD+ over 80 years (minimum age of competitors is 35 years, 1980 and older)

4. BA Family
In this category teams can be made by 2-4 members, but at least one of them must be under 15 (but riding his/her bike by him/herself) and one over 18.

II. BA Challenge
Only one category for all, no age or gender differences.

Bike Adventure Team Spirit

The special category is open for clubs or company teams. One team is composed from three couples (ladies, men or mixed) from the same club or company. The subscription is made automatically (upon the same name of the team) – be careful about capital letters to have the same name at all members of your team if you register separately.

Additional program

Baby Zoom – the special care for your kids during the race (for children more than 2 years old).
Bike Service – the basic service and sale of the bike equipment from our partners. They provide service, sale basic tools and equipment.
Night guard for bikes – limited capacity, only for people accommodated in the camp
BA16 stylish T-shirts – upon the order during on-line registration
BA Open – opportunity for those, who want to try Bike Adventure just for fun. It will be possible to buy a map in info tent and after the start simply go and plan your track according to points of each checkpoint. Just without SI, number, time measuring and the other service around, but also without need to register in time.


Basic offer will be ensured in the party tent in the center of Bike Adventure. Further possibilities are in nearby restaurants.

Prize giving and closing ceremony

First 3 couples in each category will be awarded by valuable prizes and diplomas. In BACh best 6 couples will be awarded. All start numbers will be given into the lottery.

Compulsory and recommended equipment

Superior Bike Adventure
Mountain or cross bike (not the road one) and bike helmet are obligatory. Recommended equipment: spare parts, map holder, refreshment for the race.
BA Challenge
Obligatory equipment: tent (one for team), sleeping bag, cooker (one for team), some food (1 portion for person) which must survive to the finish of second day, mountain bike, helmet – any of them may be checked by organizers during the race.
Recommended equipment: spare clothes, groundsheet, map holder, enough of food, repair kit, light, locker for bikes.

More information

Contact Infoline: + 420 602 889 515

Rules and conditions

1. All the participants are obligatory to keep all the rules of the behavior in the nature, especially in protected nature areas.
2. Each participant will receive a cycling map with printed checkpoints, SI chip (if ordered) and a list of all checkpoints at his/her registration.
3. On the start day the point evaluation will be announced by the organizer – individual checkpoints have various point value. It depends on the couple what strategy they will choose to achieve as many points as possible in the given period of time.
4. Start is in regular times with intervals of 2 minutes – it is therefore necessary to appear in the start-zone with a time reserve of 4 min at least so that the couple is ready for their start time (stated in the start list) in time. If a couple comes later, the participant will lose his/her minutes without return.
5. The participants mark passing of checkpoints in their SI chip. The athletes from one couple must stay during the race close to each other all the time. The checkpoints and finish line must be passed together. The motto of this race is: “two are more than just one”.
6. The race limit is set and every minute more is penalized.
7. Other people’s help is absolutely out of question. The participants using other people’s help (hitch-hiking) can be disqualified.
8. The organizers take no responsibility for the health of participants, the technical condition of bike etc. The participants acknowledge by signing/entering the application form that they take part in the race at their own risk.
9. The organizers ask the participants to respect the principals of behavior in nature – not to throw away paper, not to leave packing behind, not to bike off roads, etc.
10. Entire race is regulated according to the MTBO rules (Mountain Bike Orienteering). In case of any rules infraction (especially the ride in couple), all the points from the stage will be canceled. The head referee has to judge in the controversial cases.
Two more rules concerning BA Challenge only:
11. The competitors need to have their compulsory equipment during the whole race. Any team found not to have the minimum specified equipment will be disqualified.
12. The race is inspired by the idea of minimum contact with civilization and maximum consonance with nature, on self sufficiency and independence on comfort and help of another people. Therefore all competitors have to sleep in the overnight camp during the race (in own tent), another restrictions (concerning the food etc.) are not announced. We suppose, only the teams who appreciate the unique experience of this race and fair play more than their results in the finish will take part in this race.

Michaela Lacigová, director
Kamil Arnošt, main referee