Map belongs to a mapholder

If you are still wondering, how to make to easier to read map while riding a bike, we suggest to get a mapholder for your bar ;-) As usual you can buy it or rent it on the spot. One of the options is traditional partner of BA Miry or higher Autopilot. Both manufacturers recommend to book in advance.

7. 7. 2016
Event registration deadline is getting closer!

According to the first race information, the deadline for registration should be on Monday the 4th of July. But since it is a national holyday here in Czech Republic and we all are taking a little break, we postponed the registration on the Wednesday the 6th. It means that till the Wednesday you still have an opportunity to make changes in your registration or to make a new registration for lowered price. If you are already registered, check if we recieved your payment. In case there are any incosistency, please let us know.
And one unpleasant news: because of small participation in a hand with certain organisation complications, we had to cancel BA Challenge race. We are deeply sorry and we beliave that upcoming years we will be able to bring this race back.

30. 6. 2016
What is new in the world of Bike Adventure?

If you are still hesitating with race registration, you have two more days! Because we´ve extended deadline for registration with a posibility of ordering t-shirts. Ofcourse that you still can register till the start day and buy a t-shirt on spot, but chance to be sure to get both and for best price is just till friday the 17th of June.

Check the freshest photos from race area on our Facebook page.

And last but not least: BA Family! We are really focusing this year on this fresh cattegory. So for example there will be much more controls in the area near the start/center of BA. So even the smallest competitors will get enough chances to plan, to orientate and to punch the check points :)

15. 6. 2016
Naposledy aktualizovan%c3%a91
BA16 T-shirts

It´s not only bunch of nice memories and sore legs that you will bring from Superior Bike Adventure this year. You can also order with your race registration those beautiful t-shirts in opal colour. Available in man, lady and kid variation. Pretty cool, right?

15. 5. 2016
BA16 accommodation

This year´s BA centre is set in Autocamp Lužany (web pages only in czech). There will be certain limited amount of camping cabins available for rent and booking will be possible throw out our reservation system along with race registration. However, in the very same area are more accommodation possibilities: Autocamp pod Lesem and Chatová osada Lužany. If you choose one of those two camps, please book your accommodation by yourself. For more options, go to the web page of the Jičín.

15. 5. 2016
The date of the registration opening has been announced!

The registration of the 16th Bike Adventure will be open on the 17th of May. Do not hesitate with the application, cause as usual the number of competitors is limited to 500 couples.

25. 4. 2016
The very first draft of checkpoints is out!

It may seem that it is just an April, but we are already working hard on a map preparation and the first draft of checkpoints has been born!
Do not hesitate with your preparation. Have you already been riding with a map this season?

19. 4. 2016