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BA15 Pictures

There you can find some pictures from BA15 in your photogalery. Others will appear in next days. And if you lost somethig, it is possible we found it.

23. 7. 2015
Final results

We have published final results of Superior Bike Adventure 2015.

19. 7. 2015
Saturday results and Sunday start lists + route choices

We have published start lists for Sunday and also Saturday results including team standings.

You can also draw your route choices on Play Map and compare your route with the leading pairs. Links to Play Map are here:
Superior Bike Adventure 2015 Saturday
Superior Bike Adventure 2015 Sunday

18. 7. 2015
Logo toulava s kardioz%c3%a1%c5%beitkem
Wandering Control Points

In cooperation with Toulava, o.p.s. (in Czech “Toulava” = “wandering” in English), there we prepared some extra control points for you. Every holder of the “Toulavka card” can get extra points on these special control points. You can get your own “Toulavka card” in the kiosk of Toulava in the BA15 centre and return it after the race at the very same spot. There is a refundable deposit of 100 czk. No additional obligations are tied with holding the Toulavka card and there is even no need to provide any personal information. It works in a same way as a winter skipas. You only need to fill in your start number in a pre-arranged form. With the Toulavka card you can get more benefits in the region of Toulava, like free entry for view towers, etc. For more info: www.toulava.cz.

16. 7. 2015
Start list published!

The start list has been published, so you can start tweaking your morning schedule for Saturday.

16. 7. 2015
Detailed Information Out

In information you can find detailed info and plans for BA15.

16. 7. 2015
Hsh sport
Use GPS for BA Tracking

All competitors are interested in track of winning teams. We will lend to some favorite teams watches with GPS SUUNTO Ambit. You can borrow these watches too, only what you need is to visit HSH tent and answer easy question.
For those, who are thinking of buying these watches we offer high sales over BA weekend.

14. 7. 2015